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Due to COVID-19 Book Week was rescheduled by CBCA to Term 4: 17-23 October 2020

Theme: "Curious Creatures, Wild Minds"



As COVID-19 restrictions by the government prohibited the live performance to tour to schools nationwide due to border closures, Books To Life developed a great solution which is 30% cheaper for your students: A Virtual Incursion of “Hello Lighthouse”.



So how does the virtual incursion work?




Reviews for this new interactive virtual show:


"Our students were so highly engaged for the whole show, and erupted into applause at the end!!... we knew the show would be good, but with having to perform a virtual show, we could never have imagined it would be incredible. Your show exceeded all of our expectations and both staff and students absolutely loved it... Even through a screen, you have the ability to engage, entertain and inspire our students... a truly amazing show - a highlight of our Book Week... the props were a wonderful way to create interaction... a really special event... a wonderful show... The link worked perfectly and there were no issues regarding set-up... the way you engaged with the students through the video and had them perform different actions...really helped to bring the performance to life... a great performance... students loved it! My 5/6 class was really impressed and are loving our planned activities taken from your compiled teacher resources!... the students just loved the way the use of props helped them to interact with the performance. The props really made the whole experience something the students will remember and talk about."


Various teachers response to 2020's interactive virtual incursion of "Hello Lighthouse".

For the CBCA's rescheduled Book Week:
Term 4 October 17-23, 2020 to Term 2, 2021
our Books To Life
virtual incursion of the
2020 CBCA Short-Listed
"Picture Book of the Year"
Written & Illustrated by Sophie Blackall

Published by Hachette Australia


Adapted for the stage, music & performed by

"Tony Bones" Appleby B.Ed

Technical Design by Peter Amesbury & Tony


  • WINNER 2019 Caldecott Medal (awarded annually by the Association for Library Service to Children, a division of the American Library Association, to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children)
  • ALSC "Commended" Notable Book Award 2019
  • Junior Library Guild Award Emergent Selection 2018
  • CCBC Choices Award Selection 2019
  • Fanfare Award Selection 2018
  • Book Links Lasting Connections Award Selection 2018
  • IndieBound Bestseller
  • Amazon "Best Book of the Year So Far"
  • BookPage Children's Top Pick
  • Named a best book of 2018 by People, the Boston Globe, Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, and The Horn Book.

"The best children's theatre I've ever seen. I have seen and organised many visiting entertainments and Tony (& his company) was by far the best." Fairfield PS, VIC



Sophie Blackall is the Australian bestselling and two-time Caldecott medal-winning artist behind 2016's Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear & now Hello Lighthouse.


Blackall was raised in Australia, where she completed a bachelor of design degree in Sydney before moving to Brooklyn, New York City in 2000.


Her editorial illustrations have appeared in many publications, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Globe, Architectural Digest, Town & Country, Vogue, and Gourmet.


She has illustrated over 45 books for children including New York Times-bestselling Ivy & Bean series.


The MTA Arts for Transit program commissioned Blackall to create artwork to appear in subway cars all over New York City in 2012.


As a little girl growing up in Australia, Sophie learned to draw with sticks on the beach and loved the A.A. Milne stories of Winnie-the-Pooh. The original tale of Pooh and his friends was the first book she bought with her own money. She read it many times and played with her friends in the pretend Hundred Acre Wood they created in the garden. Sophie feels all this inspiration led to her winning the Caldecott Medal in 2016 for her illustrations in “Finding Winnie,” written by Lindsay Mattick.


Sophie is an ambassador for the Measles and Rubella Initiative, a partnership of UNICEF, the American Red Cross, WHO, CDC and the UN Foundation, which has brought her to the Democratic Republic of Congo and India. She has produced a series of illustrations for this program to advocate for eliminating measles through immunization. In 2014, Blackall was one of 40 artists to contribute to The Art of Saving a Life, a Gates Foundation project, celebrating 40 years of global immunization achievements.


Check out her website at



A beautiful picture book about hope, change and the passing of time. Winner of the Caldecott Medal 2019.


Hello!...Hello!...Hello! A lighthouse stands on a rocky coast, beaming out a message to passing ships.


On the highest rock of a tiny island at the edge of the world stands a lighthouse. From dusk to dawn, the lighthouse beams, sending its light out to sea, guiding the ships on their way. As the seasons pass and the waves rise and fall, outside, the wind blows; inside, the lighthouse keeper writes, and the rhythms of his life unfold. But change is on the horizon...


A lavish new picture book from Australian author & illustrator Sophie Blackall, the 2-time Caldecott medal winner, that will transport readers to the seaside in timeless, nautical splendor!


A timeless story from the illustrator of New York Times bestseller Finding Winnie.


From the author: "I knew early on that I would alternate spreads between exterior and interior scenes. That the exterior scenes would have the lighthouse as a constant. Steadfast, grounded, built to last forever. It appears in exactly the same spot on the page each time. Around it, storms rage, the fog rolls in and out, icebergs drift by and years pass.


Inside the lighthouse the life of a family unfolds. Daily chores and monotonous routine punctuated with peril and drama, romance and childbirth. The scenes are contained in circles, like the round rooms of a lighthouse. They start out quite small, but as the keeper’s family grows, the circles expand to fill the page."


Sophie Blackall, author-illustrator reading "Hello Lighthouse"

Sophie Youtube Q&A part 1, part 2, part 3 & part 4


Buy the book:


Direct from the publisher: Hachette Australia


or BooktopiaBook DepositoryDymocks, Great Escape Books, QBD BooksBoomerang BooksAngus & RobertsonBookoAmazonReadingsThe Book CuratorHarry Hartog, Fishpond, Kinokuniya AustraliaWheelers BooksBooks DirectBookoccino, Google Books e-book, The National Library of Australia, Apple Books, The Best Little Bookshop in Town, The Nile, Kobo


Hi-res image of the cover - click here


See some sample pages from the book - click here



"This handsome, delicately illustrated and gently told tale pays homage to early lighthouses and their keepers."--Reading Rockets


"Sophie Blackall's Hello Lighthouse captures the hearts and affections of my students because it has the “best qualities” — and these best qualities make it worthy of the 2019 Caldecott Medal... Every detail in Hello Lighthouse holds individual intrinsic interest and significance, yet also contributes to the book’s overarching design and story, as do the details of the book’s construction — the lighthouse on the spine, the informative endpapers, the additional illustrations under the jacket, and the unexpected single gatefold in the final pages. Yes, these details lift the book from a level of excellence to one of eminence, but more importantly they gift children with a sense of good design and an appreciation for beauty. This is how the picture book works... Using pictures to tell the story of a steadfast lighthouse and its faithful keeper, Hello Lighthouse is a gift for children. Amid this world’s stormy seas, it is a beacon of light shining bright with truth, goodness, and beauty."--Emmie Stuart, The Horn Book


"A lovely blend of fact and fiction, Caldecott winner Sophie Blackall makes life in a lighthouse seem indescribably cozy, while presenting each scene creatively... Hello, my new favorite picture book of 2018!" A Kids Book A Day


"Hello Lighthouse is exquisite. The story is a realistic portrayal of the daily life of a lighthouse keeper and his lighthouse and the dedicated service demanded by the role... The full-page illustrations... draw attention to effort, quality, elegance of design and layout that together as a team, make this an experience... This beautifully told story speaks of loneliness, solitude and isolation. It tells of the lighthouse keeper’s responsibility and the dangers involved. When sailors need saving he risks his life to reach them. The changing seasons bring challenges...There is birth and sickness. In times of need, his role is taken up by his wife. The form of their lives rotates and repeats until their tenure ends. While everything around it changes, the lighthouse stays the same. A two-page Note from the Author at the end of the story gives a deep and valuable insight into the devoted keeper’s role. It is another story on its own that informs about the hundreds of women appointed as lighthouses keepers, how daily rituals are combined with constant maintenance, and how water and food was supplied to the lighthouse by the tender, along with other interesting facts.

This is a book collector’s dream. Stunning in every way, text and illustration are inseparable in their glow." Kids' Book Review


"The award-winning author/illustrator Sophie Blackall... researched, visited lighthouse museums, and climbed the towers of lighthouses all over the northeast coast... (She) produces beautiful artwork in Chinese ink and watercolor of people both at rest and in motion, whimsically depicted to reflect their circular living situation." Rhapsody in Books Weblog


"I have long been a fan of Sophie Blackall’s work. She is a masterful storyteller, and an even more brilliant illustrator. Her patterns, pencil work, soft textures, and engaging layouts continue to astound me with every new book. I never knew I cared so much about lighthouses, until I met this book. The images are achingly beautiful. I love the repeated circles in the ripples of the water, the structure of the lighthouse, the vignettes of illustrations atop illustrations...  I was enveloped by the story from inside the dust jacket, to the very back end paper. It is a treasure."Three Books A Night


"Hello Lighthouse truly is an incredible book. My girls and I are absolutely captivated by the fantastic illustrations and insight the book gives into the life of a lighthouse keeper. Sophie Blackall has created a wonderful read that informs readers of how lighthouses used to be run manually. It also touches on the change of seasons and the dramatic changes of weather the lighthouse witnesses... Lighthouse keepers really did devote their lives to their jobs and this is represented well in the story. The book shares many changes which affect the role of the lighthouse keeper, personally and professionally. The ending of the book is so emotive and highlights the biggest change of all. If you are yet to read this book I would highly recommend it." Mamma Filz


"One of the most beautiful picture books published this year... a stunning meditation on hope, change and the passing of time." The Van Couver Writer Fest


"Whatever the season, whatever the weather, the lighthouse keeper must keep the light going to warn ships of the dangers nearby. and this stunning book by Australian illustrator Sophie Blackall takes the reader back to a time in history when men lived on these far-flung beacons, isolated from civilisation and charged with keeping the ships and their sailors safe, regardless of whatever might befall them.  Set on a lighthouse on the tip of Newfoundland, the story unfolds of the loneliness and the joy of a typical lighthouse keeper who has a duty above all else... Something very different that deserves a place in any collection."  The Bottom Shelf


"I found myself reading and re-reading these pictures, discovering ever more domestic details, and wondering at the power and majesty of the ocean and the amazing talent of this illustrator. With its look at a bygone era, this book would be a wonderful addition to any topic about the sea" Red Reading Hub


"Part history, part an evocative family tale... Blackall’s prose is simple, lyrical, and inviting. Her illustrations are softly detailed—there’s lots to explore and discuss on every page." Child Care Quarterly


"The story is straightforward…but the book's real meaning is in the careful patterning of Blackall's text and illustrations, which evoke universal themes: steadfastness and change, distance and attachment, nature in all its animate and inanimate tumult. Children will be fascinated by the practical details of lighthouse tending and delighted by Blackall's evident affection for her subject." New York Times


"Sophie Blackall’s depictions of the ocean are dramatic, moving and captivating.  It’s far and away one of the loveliest books published this year, both in art and sentiment." Avery & Augustine


"Lighthouses have a powerful hold on the imagination, with their lonely but important mission, and Caldecott-winning illustrator Blackall illuminates (sorry) the lighthouse keeper experience in this compact fictional chronicle." Project Muse


"(Sophie) has created an exceptional picture book. ‘Hello Lighthouse‘ is gloriously beautiful, with words of weight ,and images that are so sumptuous and suggestive to be breathtaking. It is a worthy Caldecott Medal winner... ‘Hello Lighthouse‘ is a ‘forever’ book, one to cherish, know and read again and again and again." Book Wagon


"Hello Lighthouse is a book to be explored and studied. There are opportunities to compare and contrast, notice and wonder, and consider how new technologies replace jobs." Library Lessons With Books


"Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall is one stunning book. It is absolutely beautiful. Blackall's exquisite art is matched by her spare, lyrical narrative. It is a book that makes the reader sit back to take in the whole scene then beckons her or him to lean in and examine each gorgeous detail... It is a book that is at once both universal and unique. We learn about this uncommon life of a lighthouse keeper, while also recognizing universal traits and themes of hard work, diligence, loneliness, comfort, the natural world, and the circle of life." Reederama


"Famed author/artist, Sophie Blackall has created a warm and beautiful book about lighthouses and those manning warning lanterns. The name of this inspiring book is “Hello, Lighthouse.”... the colors in the book and the relationship of the lighthouse keeper and his wife, for their marriage, and their work is heartfelt. This book would be a delight to share with the younger members of your family. I hope you get a chance to read this beautiful book." Southern Nebraska Register


"This is a mesmerising lyrical view of a lighthouse, and lighthouse life, which shines a beam of light into the children’s picture book section." Minerva Reads


"Quiet yet stunning. The story is a heartwarming look into a family and bygone lighthouse life, spanning across years and filled with moments both joyful and exhilarating, then simple and real. You fall in love with the keeper, his wife, and their daughter – and by the end, the lighthouse itself. It becomes a fourth character, so endearing that when the family must leave and the lighthouse stands empty, it’s “Hello?” seems heartbreakingly lonely. It honestly brought a tear to my eye, and I was happy for the uplifting ending." The Baby Bookworm


"Absolutely stunning!... I’m not going to give too much away because I want you to be able to experience the power of the text and illustrations for yourself." Suzanne Slade, Picture Book Builders


"This is truly a book to be devoured again and again, and then perhaps followed with a family visit to some real lighthouses." Marathon County Public Libraries



"The long rectangular design of this book encapsulates a tall lighthouse. The circular narrative in many ways, shows the progressive history of the lighthouse, run by a lighthouse keeper and his family. The circular references embody 'the circle of life' astonishingly well, including the round rooms on the inside of the lighthouse and the changing seasons outside. The illustrations in Chinese ink and watercolour are brilliantly done with layers of meaning, often shown in circularly framed pictures. The balance of space and text represents high level design, including an impressive fold-out illustration at the end of the book. Readers are drawn into the pages and the wholeness of what can be found with beautifully written prose that almost floats upon the page. ‘A note from the Author’ at the back of the book gives readers a greater insight into her passion, including information about lighthouses. An outstanding book." CBCA


"I will be surprised if a more exquisite picture book is published this year" - New York Times


"A jewel of a creation" - Publishers Weekly


"Masterful ink and watercolor illustrations illuminate the story of a lighthouse and the family inside. Stunning images of the lighthouse in all kinds of weather alternate with views of intimate interior detail and circular motifs. Blackall’s skill with composition, line and close attention to detail have created an exquisite book." Association for Library Service to Children


"One of the most dazzling picture books you’ll see this year." Book Page


“Children will delight in immersing themselves in the captivating discoveries each new look at Hello Lighthouse will bring,” Caldecott Medal Committee Chair Mary Fellows.


"The Caldecott Medal is the longest standing and most prestigious award for picture book illustrations. Established in 1938, it is named in honor of British illustrator Randolph Caldecott. Hello Lighthouse, illustrated and written by Sophie Blackall, was named the 2019 winner... The illustrations tell half of the story. From cutaways that show the interior of the lighthouse to clever and unusual perspectives, Blackall’s detailed artwork is worthy of this year’s award." Banner, Jenny deGroot, a teacher/librarian in Langley, British Columbia.


"A beloved picture book from two-time Caldecott Medal award-winner Sophie Blackall that transports readers to the seaside in timeless, nautical splendor! Watch the days and seasons pass as the wind blows, the fog rolls in, and icebergs drift by. Outside, there is water all around. Inside, the daily life of a lighthouse keeper and his family unfolds as the keeper boils water for tea, lights the lamp's wick, and writes every detail in his logbook.
Step back in time and through the door of this iconic lighthouse into a cozy dollhouse-like interior with the extraordinary award-winning artist Sophie Blackall." Amazon

"I will be surprised if a more exquisite picture book will be published this year...Children will be fascinated..."--New York Times Book Review

"Blackall's soft yet precise line and watercolor illustrations provide inviting details."--BCCB

"A fascinating, splendidly executed peek into both the mundane and the dramatic aspects of lighthouse life."--Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"Blackall's accomplished illustrations are a mix of homey detail and spectacular scenery."--Horn Book

"A stylistic tour de force that will intrigue and delight readers."--School Library Journal, starred review

"Blackall's charmingly old-fashioned art style is beautifully matched to this nostalgia-rich story, which imbues an antiquated place with warmth and wonder."--Booklist, starred review

"Gorgeously illustrated...[a] delightful telling."--New York Times Book Review


"Explores the life of one lighthouse as it beams its message out to sea through shifting seasons, changeable weather, and the tenure of its final keeper."--World Cat


"Sophie Blackall won the Caldecott Medal in the US for Hello Lighthouse and it’s easy to see why. Her artwork and draughtsmanship is stunning, full of detail and colour. Pages such as the one featuring a cutaway of the lighthouse with its seven tiers – light, study, bedroom, dining room, store room and entrance, as well as water stores set deep in the rock – are full of amazing detail to spot. It’s also a book detailing the passing of time, from the circular spread showing the keeper’s pregnant wife pacing a circle to the passing of the seasons in the weather outside. A lovely, eye-catching book that children will pore over, caught up in its magic."


"Sophie Blackall’s splendid aerial perspectives and gorgeously rendered weather patterns show the drama and isolation of this life, but luckily the lighthouse keeper in this story is joined by his wife and the loneliness is alleviated. The dramas and seasons are atmospherically portrayed with a delicate sensitivity and just the right amount of prose to appeal to an audience of 3+"--Alexa Dretzke, assistant manager & children’s book buyer at Readings Hawthorn


"Hello Lighthouse is a fascinating, well-researched look into a bygone era. The text has a charming rhythm, making this book a good read-aloud, while containing enough facts to hold the interest of a non-fiction lover... Lighthouse-loving and landlocked readers alike can find something to enjoy within this story." Central Rappahannock Regional Library


"The weather and seasons—and ever-present logbook—are characters in their own right, just as they were for the conscientious and brave lighthouse keepers. Happy surprises—the arrival of the keeper’s wife and baby—will delight children as they add to the depth of the story... Blackall’s stunning illustrations will swell readers’ hearts with the same intensity as the rolling seas... Thrilling portrayals... will rivet children to the story... a gorgeous, enlightening, and cozy read-aloud for home and classroom libraries that will enthral young readers again and again. " Celebrate Picture Books


"This unique, intimate view of what lighthouses and lighthouse keepers do envelops readers in a distinctive world beautifully illustrated by author-illustrator Sophie Blackall. The vertical orientation of the book itself echoes the lighthouse shape, and cutaway interior views give readers a vivid understanding of the small spaces and spiral staircases that confine the lighthouse keeper's days. It's a captivating look at a rare and now obsolete hands-on profession."--Regan McMahon, Common Sense Media


"The consistency with which Blackall showcases the details of this book is truly astounding. I find myself trying to read the keeper's letters to this wife, which are legible, and am amazed when I find the name of the lighthouse within the pages of the ledger. Every time I look through this book I am struck by new details I am noticing for the first time.... "Hello Lighthouse" radiates as much warmth as light and will surely be pored over for its lustrous details and touching story." Casey, Iowa City Public Library


"It is an easy way to teach children about the isolated life or a Light House Keeper and the many struggles they faced in this demanding role.  It is also a chance to look at modernisation and what that means for individuals as technology makes jobs obsolete and whether that is a positive or a negative change." Learn From Play



Sophie Blackall's website


VIDEO: Sophie Blackall, author-illustrator reading "Hello Lighthouse"


VIDEO: Sophie Youtube Q&A part 1part 2part 3 & part 4


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Information on some of the lighthouses that inspired this book & more by Children Of Books


VIDEO: A Youtube clip of a tender delivering a replacement lighthouse keeper


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VIDEO: Read aloud of the book by Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park staff with Q&A about their light


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Publisher's Weekly interview with Sophie


VIDEO: The Great Green Room Review


The Horn Book inc. interview with Sophie about winning the 2019 Caldecott medal


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Pen & Oink 2013 interview with Sophie & the other picture book creators she shares a work studio with


Photos & information on lighthouse architecture, libraries, bulbs & more


Suggestions of other lighthouse books for young readers


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Wikipedia page on the book


Sophie Blackall's tour of schools in Coastal Maine, exploring Hello Lighthouse - School Visit 1, visit 2 & visit 3


Sophie Blackall's Facebook


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Sophie Blackall's blog


VIDEO: Sophie's "We can all be beacons" acceptance speech for the 2019 Caldecott Medal (starts 7:30)


VIDEO: Colby Sharp's class' reaction to Sophie's 1st Caldecott Medal-winning book, Finding Winnie


VIDEO: Sophie's response to Colby's video & to winning the 2016 Caldecott Medal


Lighthouses of Australia Inc.


Interactive map of all lighthouses in Australia


USA National Lighthouse Day 2020 - August 7th


Colouring Book of lighthouses


Colouring sheets for lighthouses


Below: the lithograph purchased at the Brooklyn Flea Market that started it all)



This brand new 45-minute virtual performance for Australian primary schools will be the 35th CBCA shortlisted "Book Week" book adapted & performed by "Tony Bones" Appleby B.Ed. He is a qualified drama & dance teacher with over 20 years of professional teaching & performing experience in children's theatre & theatre in education.

The show will bring the book to life!!!


Curriculum Areas:


  • The Arts (Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts); 

  • English;

  • Science;

  • Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • Technologies (Design & Technologies + Digital Technologies)


Learning Areas / General Capabilities:


  • Literacy;

  • ICT Capability;

  • Critical & Creative Thinking;

  • Personal and Social Capability;

  • Ethical Understanding;

  • Intercultural Understanding.


Topics & Themes:


  • The Environment & Nature (The change of seasons, weather patterns, natural phenomena);

  • Relationships (Family relationships);

  • Lighthouses

  • History

  • Loss & Loneliness

  • Hope

  • Constancy & Change

  • The passing of time

  • Journal writing

  • Routines

  • Shapes as visual motifs


The show will bring the book to life!!!


It includes:


Drama: a variety of performance styles within the show: Melodrama, Pantomime, Musical Theatre, Physical Theatre, Mime, Puppetry, Game show, Improvisation, etc.


Dance: a variety of dance styles within the show: Jazz, contemporary, Hip Hop, etc.


Music: a variety of music styles in the show: Pop, Hip Hop, RnB, Rap, Rock, Music Theatre, Folk, etc;

Puppetry: a variety of puppetry styles in the show: Shadow puppetry, Hand puppetry, Marionette / String puppetry, Board puppetry.

Mask: Whole face masks, part face masks, noses, animals, commedia dell'arte, etc.
Painted sets - Painted on fabric, plywood, cardboard & paper.


Greenscreen filming: The Lighthouse Keeper & other characters appear in the rooms just as they are seen in the book thanks to greenscreen technology, sets & scenery.

DMX coloured stage lighting: the very latest DMX coloured stage lighting is used throughout the show to create intense & dynamic atmosphere throughout the performance.

Professional sound & headset microphones: the pro Shure radio headset microphone & bodypack are used to ensure crystal clear sound for the digital performance;

Audience participation: Students are used throughout the show to both participate in the audience (responding, singing or dancing along, creating scenes in the audience) & also joining in using our "suggested props" to be rescued from the sea, float messages in bottles, do the Mexican Wave, winch Alice onto the island, do a semaphore flag dance & many more activities;

Full FAQ session: after the show a full Frequently Asked Questions session takes place by by "Tony Bones" Appleby B.Ed, a qualified teacher with over 16 years experience running these sessions. Tony discusses in depth why he made certain decisions when creating the show (e.g. adding scenes or slightly changing them from the book, sets used, etc), and shows students how the props, sets, puppets, costumes, projections & sound were created for the show, as well as discussing the writing of the script & composing of the songs & music. 45 minutes of FAQ is available to choose segments from to suit your students' needs & can be watched at any time after the show here:

Lesson plans for teachers:  Follow up activities are provided for all year levels.


Public Liability Cover of $30,000,000 & Professional Indemnity Insurance of $5,000,000. Click here!!


Ticket Price:


$4.55+GST/student (minimum 125 students or for schools of less than 125 students it is simply 80% of the entire school enrolment)


More details on our Virtual Incursion

Year Levels: Foundation / Kinder / Prep / Reception - Year 7.


Make an enquiry - Click here!!!

The FAQ for students is available to watch at any time at


0:00:00  -  Intro and CBCA

0:01:30  - Story structure of the book and how the rise of electricity affected lighthouses;

0:04:35  - Analysis of the illustrations;

0:10:43  - Making the show during Covid;

0:13:06  - Use of greenscreens;

0:14:34  - Shadow puppets - Seagulls and Alice's pregnancy;

0:17:30  - Other board puppets - Whales;

0:19:18  - Hand puppets and Marionettes - Seals, previous keeper, puppet Alice;

0:22:01  - Dolls- Baby and Bosun's Chair Alice;

0:23:55  - Winch and Lifesize Alice foam dummy;

0:26:22  - Other portrayals of Alice- Shadow, voiceover;

0:28:33  - Props: Tables and chair, saucepan and potbelly stove, suitcase, telescope, blind from fog scene;

0:31:25  - Lighthouse Keeper's Costume;

0:33:05  - Props: Candle, lantern, logbook, pen and inkwell, embroidery, life preserver, oars, fishing rod, the message in a bottle, semaphore flags, Northern Lights;

0:41:59  - Use of masks;

0:43:46  - Pilot Bread and the food of lighthouse keepers;

0:45:34  - Outro.



"I am a HUGE Sophie Blackall fan. My students are HUGE Sophie Blackall fans. Sharing Sophie’s book Hello Lighthouse with my students last week was AMAZING. Be sure to pre-order Hello Lighthouse. It is crazy good." Colby Sharp, Sharp Read


"Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall is everything that is wonderful and perfect about picture books... Her colorful, vibrant illustrations draw you in and her out of the ordinary story keep you reading and thinking about her book long after you have turned the last page. Hello Lighthouse reminds me of the books from my childhood that left the most lasting impressions on me" Books For Your Kids


"I love this book because it gives the feel of the courage and loneliness of the lighthouse and its keeper as well as a glimpse of a job that had such historical significance but is now obsolete.  The art is gorgeous and takes you right to the beach and the ocean and the wide open sky, the wind and fog, the sunshine and storms... The text has a lovely cadence to it that is a delight to read aloud.  All around a wonderful book!" Susanna Leonard Hill, Children's Author


"Rating: 5 stars = Bohemian Rhapsody Awesome! Review: Sure to fascinate children and the adults who read to them! " PPLD Kids


"Bedtime story of the week. Hello Lighthouse might be a picture book for young children but it is an inspiring depiction of the life of a lighthouse keeper and suitable for all ages including parents and grandparents." London Moms


"Caldecott award winning Blackall has created yet another masterpiece, and you won’t want to miss it!" Barnes & Noble


"(A) beautifully illustrated children’s picture book... all unfolding with beautiful language and vivid details – perfect for visualizing." Reading Power Gear


"Exceptionally beautiful artwork... I’ve had this book in my curated huddle of favourites for some time now; it’s a treasure of a tale with a good deal of historical interest... Hello Lighthouse is a pleasure to pour over together." Vaughan Public Libraries


"The masterful art and writing of Caldecott Medal winner Sophie Blackall makes Hello Lighthouse a delight all the way through... this picture book is one I would have loved dearly as a child and do as an adult. One of my favorite books of the year." Book Shop Santa Cruz


"Blackall... is one of the industry’s most talented, and her 2018 Caldecott contender could well be her pictorial masterpiece... Hello Lighthouse is a splendidly written and polished work, exhibiting art of astounding preciseness and beauty.  As always Blackall, who is well-known as one of the sweetest professionals out there has again delivered with exceeding grasp of her subject, the emotional intricacies intertwined with her compositions and a mastery of research and the lived-in experience... this exemplary craftsmanship and stirring story set in the most alluring of places (is) way too difficult to ignore. Hello Lighthouse is a masterpiece." Sam Juliano, Wonders in the Dark


"Sophie Blackall’s wonderfully astute picture book shines a light on all of these facets, but perhaps concentrates most on the history, drawing a picture of a particular fictional keeper of a specific made-up lighthouse. Choosing a mix of Chinese ink and watercolour, Blackall imbues this picture book with a sense of timelessness as well as a clear sense of history, the mood fluctuating with the passing of time. This is, in essence about change." Minerva Reads


"One of my very favorite books of the year – another beautiful story, in word and illustration – you’ll ooh and ahh over this one from its size, to every detail that surrounds each illustration." Three Books A Night


"Storms, shipwrecks, snow and births are all part of life in the lighthouse for the keeper and his wife, and this is a real story of hope and hardship that goes some way to helping adults and children alike imagine what life may have been like. This is perfectly placed for children of 4-7 years to be read to, but also to be enjoyed by older readers that can access the text independently and draw comparisons to stories such as The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cat. Pick up a copy and let it light your way." Ben King, Year 5 Teacher, Just Imagine


"I don’t care how old you are—five or 95—you need to read this sweet, nostalgic, and hopeful picture book by the inimitable Sophie Blackall... But while the family may not always be needed to keep the light going, their own lights do not dim. And it is stories like this one that keep ours going strong. Blackall’s illustrations are emotionally layered—warm and bright, dark and frightening, muted and sad, as the scene requires—but always comforting. Hello Lighthouse is a celebration of life’s constants and changes, of the past and the future, and the journey that brings us from one to the other." The Writers Bone


"Charmingly answers the question: what would it be like to live and work in a lighthouse?...children will delight in this picture book about a lighthouse, its keeper and his family.  Beautiful illustrations spark the imagination and allow the reader to experience a by-gone era." Warren Newport Public Library


"Brimming with seaside joy, foggy warnings, and even a shipwreck, this picture book is one I would have loved dearly as a child and do as an adult. One of my favorite books of the year." Bookshop Santa Cruz


"Sophie Blackall is one of my favorite illustrators - her style is so charming, it makes my heart full every time I see her delicately rendered characters and the love they have for each other. The story of the lighthouse caretaker is so sweet and soulful, with a rhythmic recounting that plays up the wonder and magic of the ordinary. Her patterns and textures are incredible, her color palettes are always perfect, and her waves remind me of why I love the water!"--Tomoko Bason, Book People Bookstore, Austin, TX


"The best books are those that make you want to jump into them and live in their pages (happily ever after, of course) and bookshelf favorite Sophie Blackall does that beautifully here. I would never have thought I would feel wistful for the life of a lighthouse keeper, but Ms. Blackall’s love for her subject matter spills from every page and you can’t help but be caught up in it... It’s delicate, detailed and full of gorgeous imagery." The Possum's Bookshelf


"As Herman Melville in Moby Dick wrote, " It is not down in any map; true places never are.", I'm glad that Sophie Blackall documented the story of the valuable strong lighthouse which has a "true place" in children's literature." A Book & a Hug


"No book she has created so far holds a candle to her newest book Hello Lighthouse. It makes me to visit every lighthouse along the coast and shout about the book. With impeccable design and a kind story, this book is quite stunning" Let's Talk Picturebooks


"Hello Lighthouse is a very wise acquisition for school and public libraries... a real treasure." Julia's Journey


"A lovely picture book, recommended for all libraries."--Brooklyn Public Library






























Due to COVID-19 restrictions by the government still prohibiting the live performance to tour nationally, Books To Life have developed a great solution which is 30% cheaper for your students: A Virtual Incursion of “Hello Lighthouse”.


How does the interactive virtual incursion work?


The live production of 'Hello Lighthouse' has been cleverly adapted to make it work more effectively for a professionally filmed & edited performance that students can stream & interact with:


  • at a school assembly;

  • in their classroom;

  • or even individually by students at home if they are away sick that day.


"Loved the live-action engaging and interactive nature of the show. It actually felt like we were at a live theatre show even though it was virtual!"

St. Augustine’s PS, Frankston South, VIC for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.


"All positive feedback from staff and students. The humour was particularly well-received, the fact you performed to the camera was engaging and the range of camera angles, props and effects were terrific. We are definitely wanting to book next year please"

St Anthony's PS, Alphington, VIC for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.


Everything from the live show & more is captured with:


  • multiple top-end 5K cameras;

  • full DMX stage lighting;

  • pro sound;

  • plus several additional visual technical elements & green screen technology integrated to enhance the live production.


"Thank you so so so much for all your valuable resources and an amazing brilliant 'virtual show'. Our students were engaged throughout the performance and thoroughly enjoyed watching it, from our Prep students right up to our Year 6 students. The teachers enjoyed it too and gave it a thumbs up. Thanks also for the FAQ video which we will be coming back to. Everything worked well and was seamless which was fantastic. The quality was spot on - so clear that it made you feel that you were actually in the room... I will certainly be recommending you to my other teacher librarian colleagues as a 'must have' performance for their schools."

St Leonard's PS, Glen Waverley, VIC for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.


"After having you perform at our school in previous years, we knew the show would be good, but with having to perform a virtual show, we could never have imagined it would be incredible. Your show exceeded all of our expectations and both staff and students absolutely loved it... Even through a screen, you have the ability to engage, entertain and inspire our students... a truly amazing show - a highlight of our Book Week."

Caulfield Grammar, Malvern, VIC for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.


Filmed on the stage of Melbourne's iconic Athenaeum Theatre, multiple camera angles & sparkling 4K clarity give every student the very best seat in the house & make them a part of bringing books to life.


"The staff and students loved the show. The foundation students and their teacher were extremely impressed with how you made the illustrations come to life and were able to put yourself into the illustrations. Everyone from Foundation to year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and were extremely impressed by how life-like everything was. Staff commented on how engaged the children were and all the children I spoke to told me they loved that there were a lot of different elements to the performance that really made it come alive. Staff were also very appreciative of the huge amount of resources and ideas you shared with us. As the person who organised this event, I was very grateful to the support you gave... We're still not sure how you managed to bring the performance and the book to life as well as you did.  Congratulations on a fantastic performance. I hope to book the performance again next year."

St Fidelis' Catholic PS, Coburg, VIC for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.


The pre-recorded performance is professionally edited to add in a host of special digital effects to make full use of the green screen technology & create opportunities that the live show just can't offer.


"Grades enjoyed (the show), teachers enjoyed your jokes! Looking forward to seeing you again... Even though it was on the tv it was great that you found ways to interact with the kids... The green screen effects were great... The show was great, loved that even though it was virtual, it was still interactive"

Morang South PS, VIC for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.

Multiple interactive activities are included in the filmed performance for students to participate in from the hall, classroom or at home. These are designed to get the students up & moving to be part of the action, making the audience feel as if they are actually in & around the lighthouse with The Lighthouse Keeper & his family.


"I received a lot of great feedback on your show this year. Although they love having you in person and the wonderful theatre vibe that brings, this year's virtual incursion had so many pluses!  It was great being able to have 3 shows in our Hall... It meant there was a lot more room to move about when you had the interactive parts. These were really enjoyable and the students commented they wanted more! They particularly liked the signal flags and by you pointing out into the audience, the students organised who came out the front without any direction/instruction from the teachers whatsoever!... Thanks again for the great show you put on this year."

Gilles Street PS, Adelaide, SA for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.



"The virtual performance was a wonderful experience and it certainly reflected your existing creativity and increasing versatility! The Year 6 students thoroughly enjoyed supporting the performance and the audiences for both performances were extremely engaged. Comments from teachers were very positive, with the general consensus being of greatly impressed and that if these virtual performances are to be the new norm, then we are happy to embrace these opportunities... we would like to rebook for the virtual tour if it can be incorporated for the 2021 Book Week."

St Patrick's Catholic School, Latrobe, TAS for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.


We also provide a list of optional props to be collected that can then be used by students within the show in their own classroom to enhance the interactive virtual experience. Many schools get their Year 6 students to be in charge of running these props in the shows as a fun leadership activity for them to share with their schoolmates.


"Our students were so highly engaged for the whole show, and erupted into applause at the end!! It was, as always, a very cleverly structured show with student needs in mind and appealed to absolutely everyone. We appreciated being able to pause it a couple of times when needed. And the props were a wonderful way to create interaction. I prepped our year 6/7 class on the day before to be prop managers. They sat down the sides and supported and encouraged all the other students while each having a job such as choosing a student and coaching them to do the Northern Lights or spraying water everywhere! It was a fantastic way to fully engage those older children and have them being responsible and generous. Thank you so very much and congratulations on your successful adventure into virtual incursions!”

Newbery Park PS, SA for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.


"The students thoroughly enjoyed the performance, particularly the jokes and singing. The suggested props made it very entertaining too... it was engaging as well as clever how the book was linked to the drama/singing."

St Peters Lutheran College, Springfield Central, QLD for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.

Teachers have the ability to pause the show during these activities to organise students in the room to participate safely & join in the fun.

"Students of all year levels enjoyed the performance... the ability to stop the performance to explain aspects to the students and to organise the students for interacting with the performance was a bonus... the students just loved the way the use of props helped them to interact with the performance. The props really made the whole experience something the students will remember and talk about"

Otways MARC, VIC for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.

A filmed in-depth student FAQ session is included where “Tony Bones” takes the students through the creation of the show, the content & messages in the book, plus where he provides answers to common questions. Check out the 2020 version of this hereTeachers then have the ability to email through their students’ additional questions which Tony will reply to via video clips that can be played back to the students within 24 hours. If scheduling allows these extra questions can even be done as a live video call with your school group via Zoom, Webex, Google Meet or Skype at no extra cost. Also included are easy to follow teacher notes & guided discussions for teachers to run before & after the virtual performance to give the students a greater understanding of the content & a more meaningful interaction with the show. This is in addition to the extensive teacher resources & lesson plans already available for the live performance at


"Wonderful entertainment for my class... Students were excited to participate in the actions and sat and watched your portrayal intently.  I also provided as many of the props as possible which added to the student's experience.  They particularly liked it when they were splashed with water during the turbulent water/sea scene!... We watched the Q and A later that afternoon.  I wasn't sure whether my class would be able to sit through this due to their age and concentration span?  Surprisingly they were most interested.  We watched this for about half an hour and will come back to watch this further in the coming week.  This deepened the student's experience of the production. A plethora of further resources was very much appreciated for further and future learning. Overall, the portrayal was magnificent... We all enjoyed this sooooo much!"

S.S. Peter and Paul's Primary, East Doncaster, VIC for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL

Schools will be provided with a hyperlink & a unique password to unlock the virtual performance on the specific day of their booking. They can then share that link with all teachers at their school who have a class booked for the performance.


"It was so well done... The link worked perfectly and there were no issues regarding set-up… I could tell the kids really enjoyed it… as did (the other Year 6 teacher) and I! The students were really engaged throughout"

Chatham PS, Surrey Hills, VIC for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.

The price for the interactive virtual performance is a huge 30% off the live show price +GST.


  • Within "Book Week" itself just $5.25+GST/student;


  • or any other week just $4.55+GST/student.


Simply indicate in your enquiry as to whether you'd like the live show or the virtual incursion option.


"They loved it. Really engaging and well put together show. Loved the jokes, songs and animations... The kids were full of laughter while watching the show and loved the props, animation and audience interaction as well."

Kingswood PS, Dingley Village, VIC for 2020's 'Hello Lighthouse' VIRTUAL.





Teacher Frequently Asked Questions:


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions by teachers at the moment. Just let me know if there are any other questions that are not covered here.


1. Do the students and teachers have to read the book “Hello Lighthouse” before seeing the show?


2. Do we have to use the suggested optional props that you emailed us about collecting?


3. Do all the students need to watch the show at the same time?

4. When will I get access to the show? How will the virtual show work? Do I need to register for an account (e.g. Zoom) to watch the show? Do I need to run a test?

5. How does the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section work after the show?

6. How long does the show & FAQ section go?

7. Are there lesson plans & teacher resources?

8. How long will it take for you to respond to student’s questions that we email through?

9. Can we keep a copy of the performance for the future?

10. Can the staff watch the show first so they know what to expect?

11. Can we have access to the show over multiple days?



1. Do the students and teachers have to read the book before seeing the show?


This is not mandatory but it is highly recommended. The teachers using the optional props will better understand where everything happens if they have already read the book. The students who have already read the book before experiencing the show respond far better to our Book Week performances because they understand the source material & can see how we have adapted it. And it is a Book Week show after all so we’d love to encourage the students to read the book, not just experience the show. If you don’t have a copy of the book to read at school then you can watch a YouTube video of Sophie Blackall, the book’s author/illustrator reading it in a 7-minute video at It is recommended that students do this at some point in the week leading up to your show date, but maybe not on the day of the show itself as this can mean they are seeing the book twice in one day.


2. Do we have to collect and use the suggested optional props in the virtual performance?


No, it is optional, but the feedback from our first test school was that the students LOVED LOVED LOVED them & had so much fun making the show come to life in their own classroom with their teachers. One of the first schools to experience the show actually came up with the idea of getting their Year 6 students to experience the show in the very first session of the day then they ran all of the props for all of their junior classes, already knowing exactly what happened when in the show & how to make it work best for the students so that the teachers could sit back & relax. Those senior students can then also be in charge of shuffling props from one class to the next if you have multiple groups seeing the show all starting in 5 or 10 minute intervals. The Year 6 students loved the leadership opportunity to "run the show" & the teachers got to relax. How clever is that?


3. Do all the students need to watch the show at the same time?


No. Most schools are running the virtual incursion in their individual classrooms for either their one class or sometimes a few classes together, depending on how many comfortably fit in the room. If every classroom has a decent screen to watch it on then it works fine. If not then just use the best room a few times for the different groups during the day. You have unlimited use of the footage for that entire school day (8am to 4pm) & can watch it as many times as you like with small or large groups. It is up to you. Even individual students who might be at home can watch the show if you email them the link & password to use.


4. When will I get access to the show? How will the virtual show work? Do I need to register for an account (e.g. Zoom) to watch the show? Do I need to run a test?


You do not need to register for an account but we do recommend running a test at school before the day. We are using Vimeo (a bit like Youtube but without the ads) so there is no need for you to register for an account. I do suggest that you check that Vimeo's website is not blocked on your school network (unlikely but possible) by playing our show trailer at this link while at school: If in the unlikely event that Vimeo is blocked at your school then please contact your ICT staff to ask them to ensure that it is unlocked for the day of the show & for whenever classes want to access the student FAQ footage afterwards. I will email you the link & password for the virtual incursion at 9.15am the morning before the show to forward to the appropriate staff at your school. The password will work from 8am of the day your show is booked until 4pm. On the day of the show whenever each class is ready to watch the show the teachers simply click on the link I’ll have emailed you & enter the password that comes with it. Then the video will play on the screen, streaming from Vimeo. There are instructions for this in the email that is sent with the link & password the day before your virtual performance.


5. How does the student frequently asked questions (FAQ) section work after the show?


If you watch through the short credits at the end there is a little message from me to camera about the questions. The 47 minute FAQ video is at a seperate link at which will be emailed again to all teachers along with the show link. This video has no password & is available to go back to whenever your classes want to work through any of that content. After they have experienced the virtual show the students can watch just the first part of the FAQ about the book or jump to whichever section the teachers would like them to look at (the puppets, props, etc). The FAQ link will also be on our website.


6. How long does the show and student FAQ section go?


The virtual show is 47 minutes. The FAQ is 47 minutes as well. Staff & students are free to just watch a bit of the FAQ directly after the show then come back to it another time if that suits.


7. Are there lesson plans and teacher resources?


Yes. A huge amount of lesson plans, videos & teachers resources are available on our website to use before or after the show as your teachers wish. These can be accessed at


8. How long will it take for you to respond to student’s questions that we email through?


We have recorded a 47 minute "FAQ" section that the school has unlimited access to for the rest of the year & this goes through the content of the book, the use of puppets, mask, props, sets, music, etc.


There are also links on our website to the author/illustrator, Sophie Blackall doing a 4 part FAQ Youtube video series about the book as well as many other video resources at


I'll be surprised if there will be many questions not covered by these detailed resources but if there are more questions that we haven't covered in all of that then the classes should feel free to email them through to us at With multiple schools seeing the show each day at various times we have said that we will send a video answer to all questions by the next school day so that we always have time to get them prepared, shot & sent overnight.


9. Can we keep a copy of the performance for the future?


Unfortunately no. For the FAQ section you have free access forever, but not for the virtual show itself. Like the live show, no digital recordings of the show can be made. Filming your students getting up & involved is encouraged but no copies of the film itself can be made as it is a breach of copyright. We do not have unlimited rights from the author/illustrator or book publisher to perform the book beyond this season, nor from the musicians that I composed the songs with, nor from the designer of the film. All of these artists sign contracts where the deal is that the students get to see the live show once (or in the virtual show as many times as they like on one school day) but not that they then own the show forever. It is like buying a movie ticket to watch a film at the cinema, not like buying a DVD that you keep afterwards & watch forever. The costs for that would be much much higher. The project is only developed as a term-long tour, virtual or live, so any copies used after that are breaching those artists' copyright.


10. Can the staff watch the show first so they know what to expect?


We're not offering the option to preview the show itself, however:

  • The show follows the storyline of the picture book very closely. You can also watch the author-illustrator, Sophie Blackall reading the book to see that storyline here:

  • You can watch the show trailer to get a feel of how it will look here: 

  • The student FAQ is available for the students to watch after the show but it is also be available now for you to watch before the show if you prefer. It goes through in great detail how we made the show.: 


11. Can we have access to the show over multiple days?


Yes, if it is necessary for your school to do it that way to run it in library sessions we can accommodate that request. We do however prefer schools to watch the show all on the same day if it is possible, just as they would with the live show, at different times throughout the day if required to suit your school schedule. As a whole school activity, this means students can communicate with other students at school about the show that they have all seen on the same day, which makes it a special shared experience for them.

All books adapted and performed by Tony
Past CBCA Short Listed Books that "Tony Bones" Appleby B.Ed has adapted & performed include...




34 - The All New Must Have Orange 430 (2019 - based on the picture book by Michael Speechley)

33 - A Walk in the Bush (2018 - based on the picture book by Gwyn Perkins)

32 - The Windy Farm (2014 - based on the picture book by Doug McLeod & Craig Smith)

31 - My Life As An Alphabet (2014 - based on the younger reader’s novel by Barry Jonsberg)

30 - Herman & Rosie (2013 - based on the picture book by Gus Gordon)

29 - Other Brother (2013 - based on the younger reader’s novel by Simon French)

28 - No Bears (2012 - based on the picture book by Meg McKinlay)

27 - Bungawitta (2012 - based on the younger reader’s novel by Emily Rodda)

26 - Two Peas in a Pod (2011 - based on the picture book by Chris McKimmie)

25 - Duck For A Day (2011 - based on the younger reader's novel by Meg McKinlay)

24 - Schumann the Shoeman (2010 - based on the picture book by John & Stella Danalis)

23 - Matty Forever (2010 - based on the younger reader’s novel by Elizabeth Fensham)

22 - Nobody Owns The Moon (2009 - based on the picture book by Tohby Riddle)

21 - Audrey Of The Outback (2009 - based on the younger reader’s novel by Christine Harris)

20 - The Night Garden (2008 - based on the picture book by Elise Hurst)

19 - Amelia Dee & The Peacock Lamp (2008 - based on the younger reader’s novel by Odo Hirsch)

18 - Water Witcher (2007 - based on the picture book by Jan Ormerod)

17 - Being Bee (2007 - based on the younger reader’s novel by Catherine Bateson)

16 - Irving The Magician (2006 - based on the picture book by Tohby Riddle)

15 - To The Light (2006 - based on the younger reader’s novel by Pat Flynn)

14 - At The Beach - Postcards from Crabby Spit (2005 - based on the picture book by Roland Harvey)

13 - Billy Mack’s War (2005 - based on the younger reader’s novel by James Roy)

12 - Milli, Jack & the Dancing Cat (2004 - based on the picture book by Stephen Michael King)

11 - Stella By The Sea (2004 - based on the younger reader’s novel by Ruth Starke)

10 - Bear & Chook (2003 - based on the picture book by Lisa Shanahan & Emma Quay)

9 - Tom Jones Saves The World (2003- based on the younger reader’s novel by Steven Herrick)

8 - Horrible Harriet (2002 - based on the picture book by Leigh Hobbs)

7 - My Story - A Different Sort Of Real - The Diary Of Charlotte McKenzie - Melbourne 1918 (2002 - based on the younger reader’s novel by Kerry Greenwood)

6 - When Dogs Cry (2002 - based on the older reader’s novel by Markus Zusak)

5 - The Singing Hat (2001 - based on the picture book by Tohby Riddle)

4 - Something's Fishy, Hazel Green! (2001 - based on the younger reader’s novel by Odo Hirsch)

3 - Touch Me (2001 - based on the older reader’s novel by James Moloney)

2 - Captain Mack (2000 - by Tony Appleby based on the younger reader’s novel by James Roy)

1 - Tyro (2000 - based on the older reader’s novel by David McRobbie)

Reviews for our 2020 "Hello Lighthouse" interactive virtual incursion:


"Virtual Book Week Show A Winner!... We absolutely loved the show. The integration of the book into the story, the singing, the acting and high-quality production values, more than brought this book to life. It was excellent... Tony Appleby's long experience as a performer and writer, along with his teaching background has informed the creation of a show that is valuable in its own right. It shouldn't be seen as a video of an incursion, rather it's a new form, and unlike live incursions, it's available wherever you are." Karen Keegan, review for Shows For Schools


"What a fabulous amazing show! Beautiful singing! Amazing puppets and we loved the green screening!  It was very entertaining and as interactive as possible and very funny too. We will be defiantly be booking you again. Thank you Thank you from all our community. We just loved it." St Bernard's PS, Mt Gravatt, QLD


"An amazing show today. After having you perform at our school in previous years, we knew the show would be good, but with having to perform a virtual show, we could never have imagined it would be incredible. Your show exceeded all of our expectations and both staff and students absolutely loved it... (we) used the props as suggested and were so pleased we did as it made the show seem as though you were in the room. Even through a screen, you have the ability to engage, entertain and inspire our students... a truly amazing show - a highlight of our Book Week.Caulfield Grammar School, Malvern Campus


"Our students were so highly engaged for the whole show, and erupted into applause at the end!! It was, as always, a very cleverly structured show with student needs in mind and appealed to absolutely everyone.Newbery Park PS, SA


"The staff and students loved the show... (They) were extremely impressed with how you made the illustrations come to life and were able to put yourself into the illustrations. Everyone from Foundation to year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and were extremely impressed by how life-like everything was... they loved that there were a lot of different elements to the performance that really made it come alive... We're still not sure how you managed to bring the performance and the book to life as well as you did." St Fidelis' Catholic PS, Coburg, VIC


"Thank you so so so much for all your valuable resources and an amazing brilliant 'virtual show'. Our students were engaged throughout the performance and thoroughly enjoyed watching it, from our Prep students right up to our Year 6 students. The teachers enjoyed it too and gave it a thumbs up... The quality was spot on - so clear that it made you feel that you were actually in the room... I will certainly be recommending you to my other teacher-librarian colleagues as 'must have' performance for their schools." St Leonard's PS, Glen Waverley, VIC


See more reviews for this & all our past shows here!!

Where will Books To Life tour in 2020???


Being a virtual show.... anywhere!! Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide & Hobart. Sure, we tour the 2020 Book Week show to these capital cities, but we also tour the 2020 Book Week show absolutely anywhere in Australia.

2020 Season Dates - All of Term 4, 2020, Term 1 & 2, 2021 for the virtual show



Desperate to find a Book Week 2020 performance for your primary school in Melbourne, VIC?


Then click here for season dates for regional & urban Victoria for 2020 & search no more!! Includes specific dates for our 2020 tour in Melbourne (including touring dates for Northern suburbs, Western suburbs & South East Melbourne), plus all towns & cities in VIC including Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Melton, Shepparton, Wodonga, Sunbury, Pakenham, Mildura, Warrnambool, Traralgon, Wangaratta, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Bacchus Marsh, Torquay, Jan Juc, Horsham, Moe, Newborough, Warragul, Morwell, Sale, Lara, Bairnsdale, Echuca, Drysdale, Clifton Springs, Colac, Drouin, Leopold, Portland, Swan Hill, Castlemaine, Gisborne, Benalla, Hamilton, Wallan, Healsville, Wonthaggi, Yarrawonga, Maryborough, Kilmore, Ararat, Portalington, St Leonards, Lakes Entrance, Kyabram, Seymour, Stawell, Cobram, Leongatha, Inverloch, Bannockburn & Cowes. Not on the list? Let us know & we'll find a date for you on the tour too!!


Need a primary school show for Book Week 2020 in Sydney, NSW?


Season dates for regional & urban New South Wales are available for 2020 if you just click here!! Includes specific dates for our 2020 tour in Sydney (including touring dates for The Blue Mountains, Cantebury, The Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Forest District, Falls District, Western Sydney, Macarthur, Northern Beaches, Parramatta, Blacktown, Penrith, Sutherland Shire, Berowra & Hawkesbury), plus all towns & cities in NSW including Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Maitland, Tweed Heads, Wagga, Albury, Port Macquarie, Tamworth, Orange, Dubbo, Coffs Harbour, Queanbeyan, Lismore, Bathurst, Coffs Harbour, Richmond, Windsor, Bomaderry, Nowra, Goulburn, Armidale, Broken Hill, Wentworth Falls, Katoomba, Forster, Tuncurry, Bellbird, Cessnock, Grafton, Taree, Ballina, Griffith, Sawtell, Singleton, Raymond Terrace, Weston, Kurri Kurri, Kiama, Lithgow, Bowral, Batemans Bay, Lawson, Hazelbrook, Muswellbrook, Parkes, Ulladulla, Inverell, Moree & Casino. Not on the list? Let us know & we'll find a date for you on the tour too!!


What 2020 Book Week shows tour to primary schools in Canberra, ACT?


Ours does!! Click here for all our season dates for Australian Capital Territory for 2020. Includes specific dates for our 2020 tour of all ACT suburbs in and around Canberra, Palmerston, Belconnen, Canberra Central, Curtin, Narrabundah, Queanbeyan, Kambah, Gordon, Gungahalin, Jerrabomberra, Majura, Molonglo Valley, Tuggeranong, Weston Creek & Woden Valley. Not on the list? Let us know & we'll find a date for you on the tour too!!


Can't find a Book Week 2020 stage show that blows your primary school away in Brisbane, QLD?


Then click here and stop looking!! Season dates for regional & urban Queensland have been released for 2020. Includes specific dates for our 2020 tour of all suburbs in Brisbane plus all other areas of QLD including South East Queensland, Wide Bay, Burnett, Far North Queensland (FNQ), Darling Downs, North Queensland, Central Queensland, Gulf Country, South West Queensland & Central West Queensland. Specific towns & cities in QLD to be toured in 2018 include Ipswich, Logan City, Redland City & Morton Bay Region, Gold Coast, Tweed Heads, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Cairns, Toowoomba, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Gladstone, Maryborough, Mount Isa, Gympie, Bongaree, Woorim, Nambour, Yeppoon, Warwick, Emerald, Dalby, Bargara, Innes Park, Kingaroy, Tannum Sands, Moranbah & Bowen. Not on the list? Let us know & we'll find a date for you on the tour too!!


Scratching your head for a Book Week 2020 performance for your primary school in Adelaide, SA?


Well you've come to the right place. Click here for all our season dates for regional & urban South Australia for 2020. Includes specific dates for our 2020 tour of all suburbs in Adelaide plus all towns & cities in SA including Mount Gambier, Whyalla, Gawler, Port Pirie, Bridgewater, Port Augusta, Murray Bridge, Port Lincoln, Mount Barker, Victor Harbour, Aldinga Beach, Naracoorte, Renmark, Millicent, Goolwa, Berri, Nuriootpa, Tanunda, Kadina, Roxby Downs, Loxton, Strathalbyn, Moonta, Clare, Nairne, Wallaroo, Coober Pedy, McLaren Vale, Ceduna, Bordertown, Kapunda, Mannum, Barmera, Angaston, Willunga, Hahndorf, Waikerie, Kingscote, Lobethal, Peterborough, Woodside, Port Elliot, Balaklava, Sellicks Beach, Kingston, Tailem Bend, Jamestown & Williamstown. Not on the list? Let us know & we'll find a date for you on the tour too!!


What can I do at my primary school in Hobart, TAS for Book Week 2020?


See our show!! Click here for all our season dates for Tasmania for 2020. Includes specific dates for our 2020 tour of all TAS suburbs in and around Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Burni, Somerset, Blackmans Bay, Kingston, Ulverstone, Gagebrook, Bridgewater, New Norfolk, Wynyard, George Town, Sorell, Midway Point, Smithton, Penguin, Longford, Latrobe, Dodges Ferry, Lauderdale, Queenstown, Legana, Deloraine, Perth, Old Beach, Port Sorrell, Scottsdale, Hadspen, St Helens, Stieglitz, Huonville, Ranelagh, Pontville, Bridport, Turners Beach, Westbury, Beauty Point, Rosebery, Seven Mile Beach, Evandale, Beaconsfield, Sheffield, Margate, Zeehan, Railton, Geeveston, Richmond, Cygnet, Snug & Currie. Not on the list? Let us know & we'll find a date for you on the tour too!!